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Love, Tamara

The Enthusiast Mini Scented Candle

The Enthusiast Mini Scented Candle

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The ENTHUSIAST scent is inspired by my beautiful friend, Emma.

I still remember when we first met and less than 2 minutes (and lots of laughing) later we knew we would be the closest of friends. Emma is a true ENTHUSIAST - she is full of energy, laughter, curiosity and love. It isn't every day we meet people like this!

Made with a 100% natural wax blend of coconut and rapeseed, this uplifting blend of bergamot, orange, lily, almond, musk, and vanilla (with a hint of coconut) will fill the room with its inviting aroma. Perfect for any fan of fresh summery scents. Let the ENTHUSIAST remind you of your own endless energy and positivity. 

You make life brighter and better in every way!

Love, T x

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