It's not just about fragrance...

It's not just about fragrance...

So what is your story so far? Who are you? What is important to you? And why? The 'why' bit always feels harder to answer, but it matters! 

I created 'Love, Tamara' because I needed to write the next chapter in my story and it needed to be a pivotal one! 

Two years ago, I was feeling broken. Grief, trauma and anxiety were all on top of me and I definitely couldn't see anything positive about myself. But that is just a version of the story I tell myself...

In reality, two years ago most people looked at me and thought I was fine - or even better than fine. Despite all the challenges life dropped on me, I was a mum of two happy boys, a successful English teacher for over a decade and happily married. This version of the story is also true. It just depends how I tell it.  

So, I decided my next chapter would involve creating something from scratch. I took something I have always loved (fragrance & candles) and combined it with what I needed most - self-love, empowerment and identity.  

Of course, this is just a tiny part of the story, but it is an important part. Knowing my unique strengths and being able to share them has changed my life forever. 

The 'Love, Tamara' brand exists to share this transformation and remind all of you how fantastic you are. Every time you light your candle I hope you remember that there is nobody else like you. 

Love, T x


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